About Us

Why is fashion and especially sportswear is so important to us? Having a healthy body and a sound mind is important for everyone. Almost anything that motivates you to be a better you, in our opinion, is allowed. We want to support you in your commitment to putting in the effort, getting the exercise which in turn can elevate your motivation to exercise discipline in other areas as well. Looking and feeling good while you improve yourself, is definitely a plus. Just remember how you feel when the doorbell rings and you are in your favorite sweats. You feel quite different when dressed up for a night out and the doorbell rings. You stretch taller, stride with elegance.  You carry yourself differently.

Our hope is that you will find some favorite pieces here, which will motivate you to continue becoming your best self and help you enjoy the process.

At Life-Style-Woman, we value quality and honesty. We work closely with manufacturers and vendors to provide unique and trending products without compromising quality. We know how exciting it is to find good deals, so we strive to carry amazing products that you’ll enjoy! 

All of our products are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can shop risk-free and most importantly, stress-free. Our ultimate goal is to create a loyal customer base that will return to our store and tell others what great gems they found here.

Enjoy your experience here. Tell your friends to stop by.

Remember, only you can shape you. Become that diamond!